Getting an HIV test is the first step to finding out if you have HIV and getting into medical care. To slow the progression of HIV infections, getting tested is where to begin. The Winnebago County Health Department HIV Program provides both HIV counseling and testing services and medical case management services to individuals living with HIV. This program facilitates linkage to medical care and supportive services, the essential components to people staying healthier and living longer.  People with HIV should stay in contact with their health care provider to work for the best outcome of disease management.
If you would like more information regarding the HIV testing please call (815) 720-4080. For additional information about case management and supportive services that are available please call (815) 720-4071. Also visit our website at or
 “World AIDS Day is a chance to celebrate the memories of individuals who lost their battle with HIV, recommit ourselves to supporting persons living with HIV, and continue the fight for a cure to one day be free of this disease” says Todd Kisner, Supervisor of HIV Direct Care Services.