Healthy people in a healthy community without health disparities

As your health department, we offer a variety of wellness and
environmental health services to all Winnebago County residents.
For your good health and that of our community, we provide numerous programs focused
on wellness promotion throughout each life stage, injury and violence prevention,
disease prevention, disaster preparedness and response and environmental safety.


 Disease Control

The Division of Disease Control encompasses many programs. Those programs include:
o       Communicable Disease investigation and reporting
o       Tuberculosis Care programs for the City of Rockford and County of Winnebago
o       Sexual Health Clinic
o       Sexually transmitted disease surveillance and reporting
o       HIV direct care programs providing essential non-medical services for persons living with HIV
o       HIV prevention activities seeking to reduce the spread of HIV through risk reduction counseling services
o       HIV counseling and testing
o       HIV surveillance and reporting
o       International Refugee health screening for recently arriving refugees
Through a collaborative effort, this Division endeavors to protect Winnebago County residents and visitors from disease outbreaks. This is accomplished through surveillance initiatives, disease investigations and emergency preparedness activities. The investigations respond to confirmed and suspected cases of infectious diseases and conditions reported by physician offices, hospitals and laboratories. The team approach assures data is collected and analysis compliments the investigative process.

Disease reporting is an essential component in keeping our community health. Reports can be completed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling (815) 720-4050. Disease reports may also be faxed to our confidential fax line
(815) 962-5161.