In April 2007, the Violence Prevention Collaborative (VPC) began to seek out a process that could keep incidences of violence from happening in Winnebago and Boone Counties; VPC members created a plan to focus on defining violence and providing possible solutions. That plan consists of first holding a series of seven town hall meetings to hear what resident concerns are about violence and possible solutions.

At the Town Hall Meetings participant’s ideas and discussion points were recorded by VPC members, many participants defined violence as a choice; the use of force against self or others; and/or controlling of others by physical or mental force. Most participants had concerns with intimate partner violence, youth violence, community violence, the role of the community in violence prevention, and the role of the judicial system in prevention and consequences of violence. The report on June 4, 2009 will provide further detail of the issues discussed. 
For more information call Mary Devine, AmeriCorps Member, Violence Prevention Collaborative, at 815-720-4282.