The Winnebago County Health Department Laboratory has begun the annual Pollen Count Report and will continue until the first frost or approximately the second week of October. The daily pollen counts consist of Mold spores, Tree, Grass and Weed pollen.
                             20 - 100 MODERATE
                             OVER 100 HIGH

MOLD LEVELS:    0 - 500 LOW
                             501 - 1500 MODERATE
                             OVER 1500 HIGH
The best location for a pollen sampler is on a rooftop, several stories from the ground (Winnebago County Health Department 2nd uses the second floor rooftop). Rooftop placement provides an open space away from direct exposure to nearby vegetation. Elevation of the sampler allows it to collect pollen from a larger surrounding area.
The daily pollen report is recorded at 10:00 a.m. Monday through Friday. The Pollen Count Hotline number is 815-720-4140. If you have questions on the daily pollen count, please call 815-720-4141, or contact the Environmental Health Laboratory at 815- 720-4142. The pollen count report is also listed on the Winnebago County Health Department’s web at