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Illinois Lead Program 2016 Annual Surveillance Report

IPLAN 2020 Wellness Focused Winnebago

Winnebago County Births and Birth Health Outcome Trends Summary 1980-2011

Maternal and Child Health 2013 Community Systems Assessment Report
Maternal and Child Health 2013 Community Systems Assessment Power Point Presentation

Rockford and Winnebago County, Healthy Community Strategic Plan, 2011-2015 (combined abridged version)

Winnebago County Homicide Suicide Trends 1968-2010

Winnebago County Births and Birth Outcome Trends - (Summary 1980-2008)

Review of Winnebago County Cancer Mortality and Incidence (1988-2008)

2009 H1N1 Year in Review Executive Summary

2009 H1N1 Influenza Pandemic Mid-Course Review - Winnebago, IL (6-2010)

Winnebago County Health Department 2020 Strategic Plan

Winnebago County Health Department Strategic Plan (2014-2019)

Healthy Community Strategic Plan 2005-2010

Child Obesity (Blackhawk Park School-Linked Health Center & Beyer Elementary School Data, 2006-2008)

Winnebago County Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Risk Indicators (1996-2008 Data Summary)

Winnebago County Community Health Status Report (2008)

Winnebago County Suicide Summary (Violence Prevention Collaborative, 2000-2005)

Winnebago County Homicide & Suicide Trends (1979-2005)

The Development of Public Health in Winnebago County from 1854 to 2004


Winnebago County Health Department - You Tube Channel

We Choose Health Program (Winnebago & Boone County)

We Choose Health Worksite Wellness (Winnebago & Boone County)

Northern Rural Public Health Institute - Closing Keynote

A Healthier America - An estimated 46.3 million Americans do not have health insurance. This is a trend we need to change for future generations of Americans.

Healthiest Nation in One Generation - With your help, we can make America the healthiest nation in one generation.

Promoting the Work of Local Health Departments

Crisis in the Crib: Saving Our Nation's Babies (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services - Office of Minority Health released a documentary focusing on the issue of infant mortality in the African-American community. "Infant mortality for the African-American community is a pressing,but often overlooked, health disparity. The rate of death for black babies before their first birthday is twice the rate of white babies and greatly outpaces the national average.")

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