The Winnebago County Health Department is the lead agency for public health emergencies in Winnebago County. As such, the Winnebago County Health Department has completed an All Hazards Emergency Operations Plan (updated 2009).

The All Hazards approach to emergency planning allows the agency to produce an emergency response plan that is able to fit many different situations.

The Winnebago County Health Department's Emergency Operations Plan includes Annexes for:

Pandemic Responses
Mass Vaccination Responses
Disease Surveillance
Volunteer Management
Bioterrorism Responses and other situations

The plan also details how the Winnebago County Health Department will assist other Winnebago County Agencies in emergencies not related to public health. For example, in recent years the Health Department has assisted with flood responses and the recent train derailment, as well as participating in planning for other emergencies.

For more information on flu planning, please contact the Winnebago County Health Department Emergency Response Coordinator, Theresa James, at (815)720-4217.