The Health Department has confirmed cases of Shigella in the community. Please click on the links below for more information. 

Shigella Community Task Force Meeting - Power Point Presentation 4/13/2016

Winnebago County Health Department engages Community Stakeholders during Task Force Meeting to bring an end to the current community wide outbreak of Shigellosis (3/23/2016)

Give The Gift Of Health Not Illness This Holiday Season (12/21/2015)

Stop Germs - Fact Sheet (12/14/15)

Give the Gift of Handwashing this Holiday Season - News Release (12/4/15)

Winnebago County Health Department continues to see numbers rise of confirmed Shigellosis cases in school aged population and reminds parents about the importance of handwashing during the holiday season - News Release (11/24/15)

Winnebago County Health Department Continues To See Numbers Rise In Shigella Cases In School Aged Children - News Release

Community Shigellosis Health Alert Shigellosis Health Alert (12/14/15)

Shigellosis Health Alert (11/20/15)

Winnebago County Health Department Reports An Increase In The Number Of Confirmed Shigellosis Infection Cases in Winnebago County - News Release (11/17/15)

Shigellosis Health Alert (11/12/15)

Winnebago County Health Department Shigellosis Flyer (English and Spanish)

Centers For Disease Control and Prevention - Shigellosis 
Centers For Disease Control and Prevention - Clean Hands Save Lives

Illinois Department of Public Health (Health Beat) Shigellosis

Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (Handwashing Video) - "Put Your Hands Together"