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As your health department, we offer a variety of wellness and
environmental health services to all Winnebago County residents.
For your good health and that of our community, we provide numerous programs focused
on wellness promotion throughout each life stage, injury and violence prevention,
disease prevention, disaster preparedness and response and environmental safety.


The Health Department has confirmed cases of Shigella in the community. Please click on the links below for more information. 

Shigella Community Task Force Meeting - Power Point Presentation 4/13/2016

Winnebago County Health Department engages Community Stakeholders during Task Force Meeting to bring an end to the current community wide outbreak of Shigellosis (3/23/2016)

Give The Gift Of Health Not Illness This Holiday Season (12/21/2015)

Stop Germs - Fact Sheet (12/14/15)

Give the Gift of Handwashing this Holiday Season - News Release (12/4/15)

Winnebago County Health Department continues to see numbers rise of confirmed Shigellosis cases in school aged population and reminds parents about the importance of handwashing during the holiday season - News Release (11/24/15)

Winnebago County Health Department Continues To See Numbers Rise In Shigella Cases In School Aged Children - News Release

Community Shigellosis Health Alert Shigellosis Health Alert (12/14/15)

Shigellosis Health Alert (11/20/15)

Winnebago County Health Department Reports An Increase In The Number Of Confirmed Shigellosis Infection Cases in Winnebago County - News Release (11/17/15)

Shigellosis Health Alert (11/12/15)

Winnebago County Health Department Shigellosis Flyer (English and Spanish)

Centers For Disease Control and Prevention - Shigellosis 
Centers For Disease Control and Prevention - Clean Hands Save Lives

Illinois Department of Public Health (Health Beat) Shigellosis

Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (Handwashing Video) - "Put Your Hands Together"