Long-term exposure to high radon gas levels can lead to lung cancer. Know your radon level, test today, and reduce your risk!

To encourage Winnebago County residents to test their homes for radon, WCHD is holding a Radon Testing Contest. One Winnebago County home with high radon levels will win a radon system (up to a $2,000.00 value) to disperse the radon gas and reduce exposure to their family.

Radon Testing Contest Steps

  1. Purchase a Radon Test Kit ($10) at the Winnebago County Health Department (555 North Court Street, Rockford, IL) in room 302 and complete the radon test kit agreement.
    • Contest entry open to the first 100 Winnebago County resident who purchase a radon test kit at WCHD.
    • Winnebago County employees and their immediate family are not eligible for this contest.
    • Winnebago County Board, Board of Health, and elected officials are not eligible for this contest.
  2. Use the test kit to test for Radon at a home in Winnebago County.
  3. Send the radon test kit in for radon level results
  4. If the test results come back high for radon by March 13, 2020, the resident will be entered for a chance to win the free radon system on the tested home.
    • Radon system is for residences in Winnebago County only.
    • The value toward a radon system will be equal to or less than $2,000.00.
    • The contest winner will get their story shared in the community to help others learn about and reduce their exposure to radon gas.
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For more information on both the radon test kit and the Radon Testing Contest call 815-720-4100.