Want to Quit Smoking? - You Have Several Options

The Winnebago County Health Department provides a variety of programs and opportunities to help people quit smoking.  If you are a smoker - consider the following:

•Less than 1 in 5 American adults continue to smoke cigarettes, less than 1/2 the percentage of smokers about 30 years ago (the number of young people is even lower);

•Despite the numbers of smokers decreasing dramatically, tobacco use continues to be the country's #1 cause of preventable death resulting in:

  •       Approximately 443,000 Americans dying each year because of smoking-related illnesses;
  •       About 8.4 million Americans are hospitalized each year with smoking-related illnesses and disease.

•The typical smoker dies 14 years earlier than those who do not smoke, but..............

•Quitting smoking will greatly reduce your chances of getting sick or dying - and it's never too late to quit.  Your body will begin repairing itself almost immediately.

Illinois Tobacco Quit Line
Call the Illinois Tobacco Quit Line at 1-866-Quit-Yes.
Illinois Quit Line Webpage 
How do I get services locally?
Contact the WCHD Tobacco Programs office.
Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM, or leave a message any time.
815-720-4000 ask for Tobacco Prevention Specialist


2017 Winnebago County Health Department's "Smoke Free Park Policy" support letter for the Rockford Park District.