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What Is An Illinois Tobacco Quitline Referral Partner?

A referral partner is any business, community organization, or healthcare provider that can easily, quickly, and effectively refer individuals to the Illinois Tobacco Quitline for cessation counseling and support.


What Is The Illinois Tobacco Quitline?ITQL Logo w website color

The Illinois Tobacco Quitline (ITQL) provides tobacco cessation services to all residents of Illinois. ITQL is staffed by registered nurses, respiratory therapists, and certified tobacco treatment specialists, who provide services with a special emphasis on behavior modification, over the telephone and free of charge.

  • Education and counseling in tobacco cessation, for any type of tobacco use as well as vaping. 
  • Quit plan tailored to each individual’s needs.
  • Offers up to six weeks of free nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to enrolled clients who are over 18 years of age, medically eligible (i.e., not pregnant, no heart conditions), and uninsured or have limited coverage.
  • Available to ages 13 and older without parental consent.
  • One scheduled call per week during the eight (8) week program, and clients are able to place additional unlimited calls to the ITQL as needed.
  • Quitline is staffed seven days a week:
    • Monday - Friday: 7AM-9PM
    • Saturday & Sunday: 9AM-5PM


You Should Become A Referral Partner!ITQL RP Image

Research has shown that evidence-based treatment programs such as the ITQL can increase a persons chance for successful cessation.  ITQL program data shows that participants tend to stay smoke-free for at least seven months when utilizing the program.

  • Helping Your Patients Quit
    • Healthcare professionals helping patients quit smoking make the odds of quitting for good much better.
    • By referring your patients to the Quitline’s free service and proven resources, your patients have a greater likelihood of successfully quitting. 
  • Helping Your Employees Quit
    • Businesses may save on healthcare costs and improve general health and wellness of employees when Quitline services are available in the workplace.
    • Employees being smoke-free may increase employee productivity.
    • Services are available at no cost to the company or employee and are available during non-working hours.


Becoming A Referral Partner Is Easy!

Click here to complete the online registration form, or call the WCHD Tobacco Prevention Specialist at 815-720-4000. 

After enrollment as an Illinois Tobacco Quitline Referral Partner, WCHD/ITQL will provide training on integrating the referral process into your practice/business and will provide referral forms.