Disinfecting & Testing Your Well Water

Do not drink or use the water from private wells that were in the flooded areas. Once the flood water has receded and the well head is not submerged, you will need to disinfect and test the well water to ensure it is safe.

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Well Water


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Flood Information

Winnebago County has been impacted by a flood. There are actions you can take during and after a flood to help prevent disease and injuries.

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Radon Contest

Long-term exposure to high radon gas levels can lead to lung cancer. Know your radon level, test today, and reduce your risk!

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To report a disease or condition during regular business hours, please call 815-720-4050.

To report a disease or condition requiring immediate notification after normal business hours, contact WCHD on-call personnel at 815-720-4000.

WCHD offers a variety of trainings. Currently, WCHD is focused on training the whole community on how to provide naloxone to save a life. WCHD is also looking to train food and beverage establishments on the new food code.

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  • Food Code Training