Picture Tour


Step 1: Enter the sight by making a right turn from Parkland Avenue on the UIC Health Sciences Campus -Rockford (1601 Parkview Avenue, Rockford, IL). No left turns will be allowed. Follow the drive to the back of the building where you will be greated by staff.
Step 2: Staff will direct you to the line to be tested. Please stay in your vehicle, sit near a window that works, and drive slowly.
Step 3: Vehicles will line up to enter a tent in one of two lines.
Step 4: At the front of the line for testing, COVID-19 staff will collect information from patients such as name and address. You will be asked to show identification.

Step 5: Once in the tent, each patient will be given a swab to collect samples from their nose. Staff will be their to provide instructions and guidance.
Step 6: While patients are collecting their samples, staff will collect the forms with the patient information to be sent with the sample to the laboratory
Step 7: Staff will collect the forms with the patient information and the samples to be sent to the laboratory.
Step 8: Patients will receive instructions on what to do while they wait for their results, how they will get their results, and what to do once they get their results.