Foodborne illness is common, but is preventable. Follow 4 simple Following four simple steps  when cooking at home to help protect you and your loved ones from food poisoning and avoid mistakes in the kitchen that could make your family sick. Click here to learn more about mistakes to avoid.

Four Steps to Healthy Cooking

  1. Clean - Wash your hands and surfaces often
  2. Separate - Don't Cross-Contaminate
  3. Cook - To the right temperature
  4. Chill - Refrigerate promptly

Click here for more information on these steps.

Health Inspections

The Winnebago County Health Department provides education and guidance to establishments on how to protect the public's health. Routine inspections are conducted to ensure compliance with public health processes and procedures. Click here to learn more about health inspections.

Food Recalls

If you have a recalled food item, it’s important to throw out the food. If the item was stored in your refridgerator, you will need to clean your refrigerator. Click here for information on cleaning your refridgerator after a food recall.