As a certified local and accredited health department, the Winnebago County Health Department (WCHD) conducts a community health assessment (CHA) and develops a community health improvement plan (CHIP) every three years. 

6 phases were completed to build the Community Health Improvement Plan:

Phase One: Organizing for Success (Page 4 of IPLAN)  

Phase Two: Visioning (Hyperlink to take you to page 6 of IPLAN)

Phase Three: Four MAPP Assessments (Page 8 of IPLAN)

Phase Four:Identify Strategic Issues (Page 33 of IPLAN)

            Phase Five: Formulate Goals and Strategies (Page 36 of IPLAN)

Phase Six: Action Cycle (Page 43 of IPLAN)

Three Health Priorities:


Mental BehavioralHealth


Data Book

Click here for acceess to the data book used to develop the IPLAN 2023